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Audio Catalog is a music manager that helps you organize your music collection
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Audio Catalog organizes your entire digital music collection in seconds, and offers you a plethora of tools and utilities to tag and classify your favorite tracks. It scans your drives looking for audio files and adds them to your catalog automatically, and uses your installed WinAmp, AIMP, or Windows Media player to playback your music.

The first step is to build a new catalog of the music already stored on your system. You can organize your collection in a single catalog or in as many as needed. Audio Catalog is a good tool to gather all your music collection in just one catalog, as it comes with enough tools to let you organize your collection’s content by artist, title, composer, album, date, etc. Even if your system holds thousands and thousands of tracks, Audio Catalog can help you search and browse your large collection in just a few clicks. Locating a specific track could not be easier – you can search music not only by title and artist, but also by lyrics, copyright, URL, or even image comment!

You can also count on Audio Catalog to clean and organize your music tags, thus helping also the program to provide more accurate results. You can bulk-rename your music files using the tags stored on each track, and vice versa, tagging the files using the information stored in the file name. Besides you can edit any of the ID3 tags supported (those you have in mind and many more), and clean your database and your computer from unwanted and unnecessary duplicates. The program can look for candidates by checking not only the artist and the title of the files, but also their bit rate, frequency, or their duration.

In a nutshell, Audio Catalog is all you may need to keep track of your music. Build as many catalogs as you need and keep them all clean and neatly organized in a simple and rewarding way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Builds new catalogs of your entire collection or from specific drives and folders
  • Excellent support for nearly all known ID3 tags
  • Fast searching functionality
  • Searches for duplicates using audio- and file-related information


  • Its dull interface makes this excellent catalog less appealing
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